New Jersey mom

I was granted to receive child support payments from my former spouse recently. I am the custodial parent and the primary caretaker for my two children. I am employed as a teacher, but it is not enough to support the needs of my children, as one of them is a special needs child that attends a special school as well. There are the costs of educating the special needs child, plus the everyday medical care costs as well. My former spouse signed the child support agreement. I was told by the state that the support order was entered and that the non-custodial parent was informed on how to make payment. Then I was told that payments to the custodial parent should begin around two weeks after the order is enforced if the non-custodial parent pays as directed. I have not yet received any payment, and that was over 60 days ago. I have tried to contact my former spouse, but I cannot reach him on his previous phone number. I don’t even know where he is living because the last time I spoke with him, he stated that a job transfer was in place and he may have to move to another city in the state, or possibly to an out-of-state office headquarters.

I suppose that I need to talk to a child support attorney because, at this point, I need the child support payments to continue, so that my special needs child and my other daughter can get the proper financial support for daily living expenses and their future needs. I have heard that an attorney can help in enforcing the order, like requiring that work income be deducted from the non-custodial parent’s employer.

I am upset that my spouse has not even contacted me. What am I supposed to do? I got the house in the divorce settlement, but that is not nearly enough. I suppose that if they don’t get my former spouse’s employer to deduct the child support payments, that an attorney could possibly look at getting the money to me through his bank accounts, insurance proceeds or automobiles. He has a couple of older specialty cars that he really values. Well, if he doesn’t pay me, he could lose things that he values.

What about the children? Doesn’t he value them enough to pay me the child support that is owed to me? I suppose he is still upset about the divorce, but we just couldn’t communicate anymore! My former spouse made good money, and there are the tax returns to prove it. Maybe I can check with an attorney if his tax refunds can be sent to me. Or, maybe I can find out if he can be reported to a credit reporting agency, for refusing to pay child support payments. Well, that might upset him, because he is really picky about his credit scores and reports! Oh well, that’s too bad, because this is for the kids, and they deserve better than this. I need to be able to give them the proper upbringing and support.

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