How Unsafe Working Conditions Can Cause Brain Injuries

There’s a reason certain areas under construction are labeled as “hard hat zones.” Failure to wear proper protective gear can result in catastrophic trauma. It’s the same reason that people who ride bikes wear helmets, and why athletes wear helmets, mouthguards, and other means of protection.

Brain injuries forever impact a person’s life. They change the part of the body that is responsible for regulating all the other parts. With a traumatic brain injury, cognitive function is greatly reduced.

People who suffer from minor concussions are usually able to go back to normal after a recovery period, but other people are not quite as lucky.

Severe head trauma can limit the tasks that a person can take on in their day-to-day life. They may not be able to finish their schooling or do their jobs. Sometimes the injury is so severe that they need help carrying out basic tasks like bathing and getting dressed.

The worst injuries result in the victim going into a coma or other vegetative state. For many, this means being put on life support until they recover or their family makes the decision to pull the plug.

Although nobody wants to have such a severe injury, many athletes and workers start their day knowing that they are at an increased risk of head trauma. Not everyone is quite as lucky.

Every year, people are sent to the emergency room because they received a traumatic brain injury at the hands of someone else’s negligence. These people are rarely at fault for their injuries, yet they are the ones affected by it. Instances of injury-causing negligence include:

  • Improper safety training
  • Ignorant actions of others
  • Unsafe working conditions

Recovery costs for head trauma are not only expensive but sometimes they’re not one hundred percent effective. Even the best doctor can only do so much, and the victim may be left unable to carry out basic tasks.

When this happens, they can lose their jobs and have no source of income. They may be eligible for Social Security or disability income, but the process to receive that assistance is often time-consuming, and these people cannot wait for a check that may not come. Chapman Injury Lawyers help to seek justice on behalf of the victim.

If an employee at a grocery store fails to secure a display properly, it can fall and seriously injure a person. While it might seem to be the fault of the employee and only the employee, this isn’t always the case.

If the store failed to train the employee thoroughly, or there weren’t enough people working the shift that could help out, the store is likely more at fault for the injury than the employee.

Negligence cases are often confusing like this, and someone who’s in the hospital for brain trauma won’t be able to fight for justice on their own. Helping the victim get in contact with a law office that can help them will grant them the assistance they need. This help can make the difference between receiving proper care and being financially unable to do so.

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