How Can Apps Matter to Me?

“There’s an app for that.”

It’s a common throwaway line in recent media as a way to portray accessibility and as a surefire way to move the plot along. In the webseries “The Lizzie Bennet Diaries”, it was an app made by William Darcy that was able to save Lydia Bennet from being outcast for all of time, thus ultimately securing the affections of Elizabeth Bennet. In the Netflix series “Marvel’s AKA Jessica Jones”, the eponymous character has an app on her phone that allows for her to tap into police scanners, thereby monitor Kilgrave’s whereabouts.

It is illustrated through these stories that apps can not only make things more accessible but also make life easier as well. So how does this translate to businesses?

Well, as with examples according to the website, many firms and businesses are seeing the benefits of having a personalized app that is suited to their corporation. Their clients are able to interact with them in a precise manner that a simple phone call could not be able to do. Using examples from the same website, law firms have been able to keep in contact with their clients and vice versa so that they may be able to be readily advised with legal help at the drop of the dime.

Audiences and consumers these days are no longer content with being passively told what to get and what not to get. They require communication and conversation in order for there to be trust built between the brand and the consumer. Through this, companies are more liable to build a sense of loyalty with their clientele as well as be able to keep up with the innovations that come with this modern day society.

Apps and new media in a more general sense create a sense of freedom and diversity for the people of today. For businesses to use that to its natural advantage, in order to further connect with the demands of their consumers, would be beneficial for all parties involved.