Don’t Kid Around with Your Kidneys

People never really know how good they’ve got something until it’s gone. Internal organs for most normally born people, for example, often take their working, fully functioning bodies for granted and when the malfunction comes, that’s all they can think about.

For example, did you know that if your kidneys were to malfunction, it could affect your entire body in such a way that it could slowly make your physical appearance deform you into such a state that was unrecognizable from the person you were before they started malfunctioning? This could happen if your kidneys were ever to stop from functioning and if you were made to take defective dialysis medication.

Modern science has, of course, developed medications for when parts of the body start failing in order to sustain. However, not all of them are always truly effective and some side effects could even be more devastating than the results they’re trying to prevent. Take, for example, the cases that can be cited from the website of the lawyers with Williams Kherkher ( In the sample cases, GranuFlo is a drug involved in the treatment for kidneys as part of a dialysis as a way to remove potentially harmful substances from the blood stream, since the organ that plays an important part in naturally doing that can no longer do its job by itself.

However, some claims have been raised that state that it was due to the consumption of this drug that patients then suffered from strokes, heart attacks, and some patients have even reportedly died. That is why it is important to hold manufacturers accountable for mistakes that can cost so much. If they release a drug that causes more harm than it does its intended good then it is important to hold them to pay for the consequences of what they have done.

If you or someone you know has suffered due to the consumption of GranuFlo or something like it, it is important to contact legal aid immediately so that you may be advised towards the best possible decisions you could make with your given, particular situation.