Secrets Your Mouth Knows

Ive come across a rather disturbing discovery that I feel I really ought to share with the world, namely, that your mouth can say a lot about your health and because of that, you really have to keep up with checking your oral hygiene.

Of course, everyone knows that your teeth are important on some level. You want to look good, and that means keeping your teeth clean and healthy and as white as possible. Everyone knows a good smile goes a long way to success, and a mouth with fewer cavities means less pain and an easier time eating and enjoying life. A lot of people may even know that mouth problems can lead to other health issues.

But the mouth actually goes a long way beyond that. It can actually tell when something else is wrong with you. According to Babylon Dental Care, an exam of your mouth can tell an incredible amount about how healthy you are. A quick look around your mouth can tell a dentist about either from potential sleep apnea to the fact you may have way too much stress in your life.

Not convinced? Think thats some kind of hoodoo? Not so, according to Babylon Dental. Consider this: you probably associate bad breath with a lack of oral hygiene. Maybe youve been lax about brushing lately, but thats not all it actually could be. Bad breath may also be a sign of sleep apnea, a potentially serious sleeping disorder that might be making you feel tired every day. It may also be a sign of a sinus infection that you hadnt realized youd picked up. Or else, it may show you have an acid reflux problem you need to get looked at. All those problems might have been hiding under your assumption that you werent brushing enough, and your dentist would be the one to tell you otherwise.

Thats not all, either. Bloody gums are usually associated with lazy flossers, and with good reason, since thats often the problem. But, not always. In fact, it might be a sign that you are having blood sugar issues that can lead to diabetes. Thats something youd probably want to know about ahead of time, right? Well, heres a sign right in front of you that your dentist can explain.

Tongue spots are another symptom of an immune system problem that doesnt allow the mouth to fight off certain kinds of natural yeast. It may mean youve been taking too many antibiotics (or just a sign of a cold coming on).

Finally, a dentist can tell if your teeth are eroding because you are grinding them. You may think youd know if you were grinding your teeth, but it can be an issue while you sleep, especially if youre stressed. It may also be why youre having bad headaches. Again, the dentist can figure this out with a quick look in your mouth.

All this goes to show that you really have to stop putting off that trip to the dentist. It isnt just a matter of keeping those teeth clean. A trip can mean discoveries about your health that go way beyond your mouth.